What PTP is focused on


PTP is focused on acquiring and growing a lower middle market business that serves the utilities, industrial, or oil and gas industries and has resilient cash flows with growth potential. To guide the acquisition, the Investment Criteria below are used and enable making an acquisition aligned with PTP’s investment thesis.

Post acquisition, PTP will leverage its experience growing revenue and optimizing costs to grow the business, while working closely with the seller to transition the business and maintain their legacy.

Investment Criteria

  • Revenue: approximately $10M - $25M
  • EBITDA: at least $2M
  • Profitability: at least 3 years of positive cash flows
  • Industry: utilities, industrial, or oil and gas
  • Offering: manufacturing, distributions, or services
  • Years of Operations: approximately 10 years
  • Location: headquartered in Texas
  • Customers: high loyalty
  • Employees: dedicated, willing to remain with new ownership
  • Seeking exit from the business
  • Amenable to facilitate a 6 to 12 month transition
  • Cares about employees and legacy post transition